Caleb and Christy's Engagement Session

I am still in awe of this moment that I got to be apart of. Celebrating the engagement of a couple who is so God fearing, and humble really makes me get all the warm fuzzies inside. I have known Christy for three years now, and I have known Caleb for two and a half years. I met them both my freshman year at SFA.

Basically everyone in our church group knew there were sparks between them from the time they met. There were meme's swirling in our group messages, and silly pictures taken of them together, catching them off guard. When they finally started courting in April of 2017, we were all overjoyed because these two had made it official! To say overjoyed is clearly an understatement though. Congratulations to these two beautiful souls!

#Couples #engagement #scbrides

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